Oase 2020 Term 1 Recap

Recap and reflection of the activities we did last term for Wide Games preparation before it got cancelled.

The activities that we went to are:
– Multilateral
– Phone videography
– Juru Rupa
– Tips for more interesting writings

The one that I enjoyed the most, was obviously the Juru Rupa one (sorry, mum). I had a lot of fun drawing the layout of Vinoti and drawing still life objects. What we did was draw a bird’s eye view of a section of Vinoti but we have to do it as detailed as we can. And after that we had to draw stuff that Kak Dudi tells us using our imagination, and then draw more objects using toy models.

What I want to see in the next term are more drawing tasks. They’re pretty fun.

OASE Wide Games | Task #1


KRL Stations in Jakarta:

  • Kebayoran
  • Palmerah
  • Tanah Abang
  • Gondangdia
  • Tebet
  • Kebon Jeruk
  • Sudirman
  • Karet
  • Cawang
  • Kampung Bandan
  • Jatinegara
  • Tanjung Priok
  • Lenteng Agung
  • Manggarai
  • Buaran
  • Klender
  • Cikini
  • Jakarta Kota
  • Duri

MRT Stations:

  • Blok M
  • Bundaran HI
  • Lebak Bulus
  • Harmoni
  • Benhil
  • Setiabudi
  • Istora
  • Fatmawati
  • Blok A
  • Dukuh Atas

Transjakarta Stations:

  • Blok M
  • Masjid Agung
  • Jakarta Kota
  • Bundaran HI
  • Sarinah
  • Bank Indonesia
  • Harmoni



I prefer taking KRL-only if I could, as a result of me not living in Jakarta and not knowing TransJakarta or LRT routes. I think LRT’s routes would be simpler to learn, Transjakarta is just confusing for me (some of you may think this is laughable). I don’t really like taking angkot.



We’ll most likely start somewhere near Taman Mini, like Pasar Minggu station, and finish in another train station (possibly the TMII LRT station.)

Freezing Inside & Out In Japan

January 2019. It’s wintertime in Japan. I was on a family holiday and taking a bullet train from Tokyo to a place called Gala-Yuzawa. Before the trip, my mum told us that there won’t be any snow in Tokyo because the snow would only fall on February this year.

When we arrived in Narita Airport, I looked outside and saw no snow. I really wanted to see some snow. We went outside and it was freezing outside due to the wind and you’d think it would snow at least a little. I was disappointed, but not surprised.

Fast-forward to the next day, we were on the bullet train from Tokyo. I woke up and started to see steep mountainsides with white sprinkled lightly on top. “Snow!!1!1” I thought as I looked through the window.

As we advanced further up, the snow got thicker, and we sped past a town covered in snow. I thought it was beautiful since I’ve never seen snow before, and I’ve always wondered what it would be like to live in a town with snow.

gala-yuzawa station

After we hopped off the train, what I thought would be extremely cold turned out to be pleasantly cool. When we went up the stairs to the ski resort, we rented some boots and went outside.

It was definitely cold, but it was sunny and there was no wind so it wasn’t nearly as cold as Tokyo where the sun would get blocked out by the buildings and the wind would blow through every street. In fact, it started getting a little hot inside my jacket.

We went on a gondola to go uphill and spotted some weird-looking prints on the snow. We went sledding on a designated sledding path and we took the ski lift to go even further up. It was obviously a lot colder than the gondola since we were exposed to cold winds that high up.


Gondola Ride

Once we arrived on top, we could see the town that we went to, named Echigo-yuzawa. I took a bunch of photos of the town surrounded by the white-topped mountains. It was good.


A view of Echigo-Yuzawa from Gala-Yuzawa

Fast-forward again to the next day, we took another bullet train, this time to Kyoto. It was colder than Tokyo there, and less crowded. The biggest difference between Tokyo and Kyoto (besides the buildings) is that people actually interact here. In Tokyo, it feels like everybody’s minding their own business, while in here they talk to each other a lot more.

After we dropped our stuff in the homestay and had lunch, we took another bus to the Arashiyama area. A short visit to a cat café and then went to Kameyama Park as it was getting darker.

As you entered the gates, the first thing you’d notice are the crows calling loudly on top of the trees. It was getting dark, and if you look up you’ll see big shadows flapping their wings as they move from the silhouette of one branch to the other.


Kameyama Park

There’s a path that you walk along, you’ll walk through a bunch of temple buildings before arriving at the pathway surrounded by the bamboo forest guarded by the fences. It had a very peaceful atmosphere to it.

Unfortunately, it was getting dark and there were no lights on the path, and if we were to go on we’d be walking blind, so we opted to walk back out.


Kameyama Park… but darker

After a day of walking and going everywhere, what can be better than to wind down and enjoy some local food? We came across an ice cream shop that sold a flavour I’d never seen before; matcha and sakura-flavoured ice cream.

I’m sure everybody’s familiar with matcha-themed desserts, but cherry blossom flavour is something brand new to me. We bought a few, and it tasted GREAT.

The soft-serve was half green and half pink. The green tea side isn’t overly sweet, and it tasted like actual “matcha” instead of the “matcha latte” in a lot of café’s in Indonesia that is mostly sugar & milk, and only reminisces of green tea.

The only way I could describe the taste of the pink side was… flower-y? You know the smell of a particularly good rose? Now imagine if someone translated that smell into a flavour. Can you picture it now?

Say I have weird preferences or whatever, but I think that cold weather and ice cream fits very well as opposed to hot drinks.

I mean, if you’re not wearing any winter gear or just simply at home enjoying TV with snowfall outside, a hot chocolate might suit you best. But if you want something to eat while walking around the town in full winter protection, I’d choose something cold. Something like the Peach Coca Cola they sell there.


Sumida area. I stayed around this area when I was in Tokyo

There were a lot of fun stuff I experienced in Japan, and these are just the two I chose for this assignment. To make a highlight of all the memorable events there it would be far too long since I enjoyed nearly every moment there.

I’d go there again for longer than a week if I get the opportunity. 7 days is simply not enough to experience everything this eastern country has to offer.



credit to Atala for helping me with the title

PAKIS Part 7 [end]

part 6

It was 5:30 AM, and Kang Is was telling everybody to wake up. The rain had finally stopped. He told me to wash my face, but since there was no water I had to go to the public toilet near the gubug fixed specifically for PPBI. When I walked back up, the OASE friends were going to wash the plates, so I went back down to help. Alev & Kaysan were just chilling near the gubug while Anja & Ratri wash the plates.

I wanted to brush my teeth so I went to the other public bathroom (the one with detachable doors) but there was a house group of PPBI attendees lining up for the bathroom, so I had to wait. Each one took an ungodly amount of time to take a bath, so I gave up after waiting for 4 turns (around 1 and a half hours of sitting) only to find out Continue reading

PAKIS Part 6

part 5

All that’s left to do now is to wait and prepare for PBBI. We did the usual schedules with some singing practice before everybody goes home. The eagle song was somehow still as cringy as the first time I practiced it.

I ate a ridiculous amount of sugar throughout the whole trip. I can buy 6 sachets of condensed chocolate milk and finish them all in one sitting very quickly. If the warung is closed and I haven’t had breakfast yet, that’s a viable alternative since it makes me full. Around this time is when our Indomie consumption peaked.

On Monday, the water supply cut off so us five went up to the waterfall to fix the water hose with Mas Roip and Juni. The walkway was much more crooked than anything else we’ve been to in Continue reading

PAKIS Part 5

part 4

After the mostly-sleepless night, I went off to Pakis and found that no students were there. They eventually started coming, and we didn’t do anything until Kang Is came and made the Pakis kids learn IPS.

When school ended, Kang Is gathered us around to put the OASE kids in their final houses, where we’ll stay for one night only. The girls go to Dian’s and Sis’ house, while the boys go back to their first houses. Me and Kaysan swapped though, with me being in Bagas’ house and him being in David’s.

Apparently Continue reading

PAKIS Part 4

part 3

Decisions were made, and we’ll be staying at girls’ houses for the last turn. It’s not that I have a problem with anything, but talking or interacting will be very extremely awkward because we barely even know each other.

On Sunday, me & Alev went to Pakis to just hang around and talk about the trip. Of course, what we mostly did was complain about how we miss our phones and computers and games. We went to the warung to eat Indomie. We eat Indomie at least twice a day here. Sometimes there’s once a day, but it’s quite rare. A two-day streak without Indomie is a record. Continue reading

PAKIS Part 3

part 2

I’ll only cover the three days of staying in Puri’s house in this part.

I got served a lot of food by Puri’s mum, and every time she served drinks she would serve two glasses, one for water and one for tea. When I finished one glass, she would refill it. Of course I needed many toilet breaks.

Problem is, the toilet was outdoors and had no lamps, so you’d have to carry a flashlight with you. It had an upside-down drawing of a ghost on the wall near the door, so if you Continue reading

PAKIS Part 2

What I completely forgot to tell in part 1 was that we went to the swimming pool on Sunday. It wasn’t just a swimming pool, there was a fishing pond, a few food shops and the best: an Arapaima pool. The surrounding area were rice fields, so we would go hunt for frogs and feed them to the Arapaima.

It was a very nice place. Actually, the whole way down the road from the swimming pool gates is very scenic. It’s very clean and neat, there were potted plants and road decorations on the road to Rizal’s house. In short, it’s a very different place from Pesawahan, the place where Pakis is. Nearly polar opposites in my opinion. In Karanggondang, the houses tend to be quite far apart, everything is green surrounded by rice fields, and it’s very clean, almost no plastic waste. In Pesawahan, the houses are Continue reading

PAKIS Part 1

October 8th 2019, 7:20 AM. I’m sitting on a train headed to Purwokerto in Central Java, thinking, How did I get here? To answer that, it started all the way back, a couple months before.

I heard from my mum that Kak Shanty was about to make a new challenge for the older Oase kids, like an Eksplorasi 2.0, something about staying in a school called “Pakis”. My mum asked me if I wanted to participate, but hearing how it was 1 month, I was like “Eeeehhhh..” and didn’t really think of it afterwards.

Kak Shanty posted the announcement on WhatsApp however, my mum started to ask me more about it. She said it would be useful in the future and would be a valuable experience, but it was my choice if I wanted to go or not. I thought to myself, staying in villagers’ houses for 1 month together with friends even without our phones would be fun, right? So I said yes. Four others signed up for the trip; Alev, Kaysan, Ratri & Anja. Continue reading