OASE Task #3 trackers

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Zero Waste Adventure w/ Kak Siska Nirmala

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Her Book

Last Wednesday I went to a talk about Zero Waste Adventures. It was necessary for us to go here because it’s a requirement for the Sekala Petualang Ekspedisi. There maybe some friends (MAYBE is a key word here. There maybe not. Who knows? I don’t) who got were not interested or think it’s boring but I found it interesting.

The event was located in Universitas Ibnu Chaldun in Jakarta. I went there by following my dad to his office building then riding an online taxi to the place. Most people have already arrived, and we prepared for Ratri’s birthday surprise that we planned out a day ago.

Also, in the opening of the event, Oase Penggalang had to sing the Fesper (Festival Pendidikan Rumah) song but with the lyrics changed, the tune was the same. And of COURSE I forgot to memorize the new song, but since I know the Fesper song’s lyrics, I sang that instead in the stage practice, and I looked and sounded like I was singing along but in reality I was singing a different song.

Everybody in Oase Penggalang finally came, the seats were all full and we had to sit on the carpeted floor in the front. The show started and we lined up near the entrance door, and when the music started we walked on stage and started singing. Half of us sang properly, half of us just clapped out hands to the beat and here I am, singing a half-different song.

The person in the spotlight was named Siska Nirmala (or Kak Pita) and she has been traveling around Indonesia’s mountains trash-free. She told us about the mountains in Indonesia is full of trash.

Rinjani Mountains is said to be one of the most beautiful mountains in Indonesia, but there are lots of trash. Kak Pita saw a hiker carrying a sack full of trash, and the hiker asked her “Why don’t you carry any trash?” (In Indonesian of course) and she answered she didn’t have any.

In the Merbabu Mountains, there are lots and lots of trash because most people that went there don’t care about trash, and there are specialized teams to clean up the trash. There was a video showcasing about how much trash there was, and I felt like I could smell it through the screen.

What kind of food doesn’t produce any trash at all? Certain fruits and vegetables, cut chicken pieces (Ayam Suwir), beef (no ribs or t-bone), and rice. She also recommended bringing food that add energy such as chocolate, energy bars and more (although I feel that kinda goes against zero waste because of plastic packaging). If you want to bring water, don’t but one from a kiosk, get a CamelBak or a jerrycan and fill it before you start hiking.

Kak Pita takes out her trash every 2 weeks, and even that is a small plastic and there is no organic trash inside because she does composting, which is digging a hole, putting your organic trash in there, wait a few weeks, dig it back up and use the dissolved trash as fertilizer for your plants.

She also mentioned a river in Indonesia called Citarum River which is used in the world’s first River Boarding Championships (basically surfing but in the river) but it is heavily polluted, and if you search it on Google Images every picture you will find has a TON of trash.

Everyone should try doing zero waste because it is helpful for the environment. My family does it even though it’s still on the very first level (we do composting and sort out cardboard and plastic bottles but still buy packaged foods and put chips plastic in the bin). It’s worth a try, even though you only do it for a little bit, it helps.

Goodbye IPB, Goodbye Dogs | IPB Field Trip #2

Back again with another XL entry for the IPB camping trip. This is the second day of the trip last week, and there WILL be dogs again. I just love making long writings. ONWARD


Last night didn’t go so well. There were mosquitos in the room stinking with mosquito repellent, and one of the kakak blasted anime music (that seems so ultra familiar but I can’t put my finger on what it IS) and I kept wanting to go to the toilet but since it’s the middle of the night and everybody’s sleeping I couldn’t. I kept waking up at random times Continue reading

Camping With The Dogs | IPB Field Trip #1

Last week, Klub Oase Penggalang went on a trip. We went to Kampus IPB (IPB stands for Institut Pertanian Bogor or Farming Institute of Bogor) with Sekala Petualang and learned many things. This is Day One. ONWARD!!

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Choki the dog. To find out more keep reading

It’s still dark out, I got woken up by my dad when the adzan started. I got up reeeaaal slow and I went to the mosque. Halfway there, the iqomah sounded, meaning that it was about to start, and the slow walk broke into a sprint. When I arrived I was finally wide awake but I had to catch my breath.

After I went home, I had breakfast and waited until it was time to go. I shoved my big backpack (quite big, but not a carrier) into the car baggage and sat at the front passenger seat. We picked up Kak Sari and Syifa in the gas station because Syifa was going to go to camping (camping?? Not sure if right term for it but I will say it like this for the rest of the writing).

We arrived pretty late, and the others were waiting for us on the train station. There was Fattah, Sovi and the trio guys Ariq, Fakhri and Vito. Now we had to only wait for one person left; Ibrahim. It was his first time riding a train Continue reading