Fun in Kemping Ceria

Kemping Ceria is a camping trip I did a few days back. As its name says, it’s happy camping. It’s very fun, and I handled a venomous snake for the first time, but more on that later.

On the first day, my dad picked up 2 of my friends and drove to Jakarta where we got dropped off and rode a GrabCar to another part of Jakarta. We got on ANOTHER car ride, this time on an army truck (my guess is that it’s used to transport army personnel). The ride took about 2-3 hours (I can’t remember) but we arrived! It was a small town on the mountains with a few houses and a small school. We went uphill to the campsite Continue reading


OASEksplorasi Journal – Day 4

This is a journal of Day 4. To view Day 3, click here: Day 3. To view Day 2, click here: Day 2. To view Day 1, click here: Day 1.

The last day of OASEksplorasi. This journal will also be the shortest one.

We did the usual thing after waking up. Take a bath, brush our teeth, and we said goodbye to our host parents. Our mentors came to our individual houses and took us to Pulau Kelapa Harbour. Kak Lala told me there was a funny-looking boat made out of gallons and jerrycans. So there was, and I sketched it for a bit, and when I was done, Kak Lala wasn’t there anymore, so was my whole house group.

Messy hair because I forgot to comb my hair.
Photo by Kaysan

I knew the way to the harbour, so I went straight there without delay, through the bridge made out of only 2 bamboos (I crossed it rather fast, actually) hoping to find my friends on the way. I accidentally crossed all the way to Pulau Kelapa (stupid) so I asked a man with a hitler mustache riding a bike where to go, and I completely missed the turn.

I walked back and found out he was going the same way as me so I followed him to the harbour, only to find out that my friends aren’t there. I went back to the bridge connecting Pulau Harapan and Pulau Kelapa and found my friends sitting on the side of the bridge.

We then went off to the harbour where we found Sabuk Nusantara 66 on the pier. We went inside and waited for the boat to move by playing Werewolf card game. The boat finally moved, and it continued to do that for 5 hours until we arrived in Sunda Kelapa harbour.

The water was no longer clear and blue, it was brown and dirty now. Everybody else went off with Transjakarta, and me and my mum were waiting for my dad to pick us up.


End of Day 4.

OASEksplorasi Journal – Day 2

This is a journal of Day 2. You can find Day 1 here: Journal Day 1


The next day, we woke up at 5:00 AM, ate breakfast, took a bath and brushed our teeth. Because the tap water is salty, we used drinking water. And because the bathroom is occupied, we had to do it outside. In the morning, the water had about thrice the smell, and the wind was blowing straight in our faces. The only description of it was that it felt like sewage water in my mouth.

After that, we walked towards a small pier near our homestay where everybody gathered. We put on our lifejackets and went towards Woodwind Island, which is a part of the ‘center zone’ in the Seribu Islands. The trip took a while, about an hour at most. We arrived in Woodwind Island, and Continue reading

OASEksplorasi Journal – Day 1

We’re back at it again

A few months ago, we held an event called OFest for funding our next OASEksplorasi trip. It was a success, and we discussed where to go for our trip. The ending result was in Pulau Harapan. The other two choices that lost were Pulau Pramuka and Pulau Untung Jawa. Pulau Pramuka is already far, and Pulau Harapan is almost twice the distance.

We had to bring specific items in our bags according to our output. Others’ output were mostly making documentary videos and photos, while a few did drawings and books. My output was making Continue reading

Output Plan for OASEksplorasi 2017

Explorasi has been done (WE DID IT) and here is the revised output plan. The end result would be a travel sketchbook. It’s mostly going to be a travel diary but you can take some notes on it to guide a little bit of your travels. It’s basically an illustration book filled with info.

The chapter list is based on my schedule over there. Again, this is a travel diary, but you can get some info from it. I mostly do the sketching on the island while doing interviews, but if there’s anything Continue reading

13 Tahun Bersama Dunia Pertambangan

Setiap hari, Abi-ku pergi ke kantor sebelum jam 6 pagi untuk menghindari macet. Dia bekerja di perusahaan tambang bernama Dyno Nobel.

Abi sudah lama bekerja di sana, sudah sejak 2003, sebelum aku lahir. Dari dulu sampai sekarang posisi Abi di perusahaan itu sudah berganti-ganti. Abiku lulusan Teknik Pertambangan di ITB, lalu ada lowongan kerja dari perusahaan tambang Dyno Nobel. Setelah itu Abi mengirim lamaran kerja dan diterima di perusahaan itu.

Dia mendapatkan pekerjaan sebagai supervisor, tugasnya itu mengawasi pekerja dan bahan peledak untuk mendapatkan batu bara. Abi pergi ke site di Continue reading