Ulasan Cerpen ‘Abang Tentara’

Nama Cerpen: Abang Tentara
4 Halaman
Penulis: Farizal Sikumbang
Terbit 08 November 2020

ilustrasi ‘Abang Tentara’ oleh Budiono @ JawaPos


Cerita ini tentang anak yang bertemu dengan seorang tentara bernama Sulaiman Simbolon. Tentara tersebut tidak sengaja memecahkan kelereng yang anak itu sudah menabung untuk beli. Dia berjanji akan menggantikannya pada waktu lain. Continue reading


Terdengar suara intercom yang aku tidak bisa mengerti, dan aku membuka mata. Suaranya kurang jelas ya, aku pikir.

“Kita sudah sampai” orangtuaku berkata ke aku dan adikku.

Aku duduk tegak dan melihat sekitar. Ruangan putih, hangat dan berjendela besar dengan banyak kursi kain. Kereta?

Melihat keluar jendela, tempatnya terlihat asing. Oh iya, kita lagi di Jepang ya?


Setelah kereta berhenti, semuanya berdiri dan mengangkat barang bawaan. Orang-orang memakai jaket yang mereka lepas saat masuk kereta karena heater yang hanya aktif di musim dingin. Aku mengikuti keluargaku berbaris untuk pintu keluar.

Giliran kami untuk turun, aku merasa udara dingin menusuk kulit wajahku. Aku melihat jalanan lewat pagar stasiun kereta, sepertinya stasiun Shinkansen ini tempatnya di atas jalanan. Continue reading

Dark Souls 3 Journal 2 — It’s Fun With Friends

Pt. 1

I landed on top of a tower and I dropped down to light a bonfire. There were two stairways leading down, so I took the one on the right. It led to a pathway on top of the wall. It was littered with undead (hollows) praying to statues and I was afraid they were going to attack me, but they just curled up if I went near.


In the distance, there was a giant hollow with a halberd, guarded by two Starved Hounds. Being the newbie idiot that I am, I rushed in. I managed to dodge a couple of the dogs’ attacks, but the hollow’s attacks were wide-sweeping and hit me as I rolled away. He did a combo and I was dead within a matter of seconds.

The core of Dark Souls is to keep retrying over and over again, so I retried it. This time, I lured the dogs to kill them first so I can deal with the hollow afterwards. When I faced it, another hollow appeared from downstairs with an axe. Continue reading

Dark Souls 3 Journal 1 — The Journey of Rolling Begins

Writing this just for fun, because I have nothing else to do.

I like third-person games. They give me a sort of immersion fps games never will. And out of all the third-person games, there is one franchise who is arguably the most notorious for being the hardest series in gaming history: Dark Souls.

It’s known for its sheer difficulty and merciless enemies. It’s been dubbed as the hardest game franchise of all time. The best thing about it isn’t the difficulty itself, it’s about how fair that difficulty is. It’s not like other games’ hard modes that simply increases enemy health & attack damage to increase frustration, DS approaches difficulty with enemy patterns and movements that you could easily overcome after you know the game well enough.

Simply put, it has an extremely steep learning curve, but it’s very possible to outdo everything in the game with your own skills if you’re capable enough. Or as the community puts it, “git gud”.

Cue the Steam Winter Sale, and the whole store is looking very tempting. A few days before, one of my friends bought Dark Souls 3, and is being helped by my other friend who is a DS3 veteran with 200 hours put into the game.

I was somewhat interested, because while I’ve never played any of the games, I was familiar with the game because I watched YouTubers playing it. The only thing I vaguely knew was Continue reading

Pakis – Last Impression 2020

November 2020, it’s been just over a year after we’ve had our Pakis live-in. It’s nearing the end of the year, and voilá! A brand new task from the live-in. It’s good to have it though, so I can look back and remember what happened back then.

The first thing that popped up in my head when I think of Pakis is the PPBI event. I remember helping & walking around in the wet weather.

I miss the weather there, especially because the weather in Tangerang can be scorching hot. I would also like to see the road to Rizal’s house again. It was very neat & clean with colourful bushes on the sides.

Although I couldn’t really think of anything to say to them right now, I would like to thank them once again for letting me stay in their house. The food they cooked for me was great.

If I could undo anything I did while over there, I would try to stop myself from eating that wild tomato growing at the roadside.

Before going to live-in, I never really took my normal life as granted and was always thankful for everything I have already. Pakis maybe even made me more thankful for what I have.

It didn’t really change my habits though, because I’m “adaptive”, in a sense where I would fit into the lifestyle needed for the current situation. Once I went back to my house, it was back to usual.

I think that volunteers coming to the school to teach the students is a great thing, especially since Pakis relies on the kids teaching themselves.

There are a lot of good things about a remote mountain village compared to the city. The air is obviously fresher. I could breathe freely while back home I would get a blocked nose nearly every week.

Kotobukiya 1/100 Metal Gear REX — Short Review

This is the first model kit I’ve done in 10 months. I’m unsurprisingly excited, as this will be my next big build project since my PG Mk-II. I expected it to take at least 4-5 days to finish the build, seeing how it has 21 runners and 600 pieces.

Putting it together was fun, like most other builds. The legs are always the most entertaining parts to build in a kit because they’re generally more complex & has more parts. This was no different. In fact, I’d say that building the legs on this was more enjoyable than most gunpla legs because the insides just look very aesthetically pleasing.

As expected of a non-bandai kit, there was a piece that didn’t really fit with the others. In this case, the connection from the main body to the backpack didn’t fit at all and I had to trim the part. The only other problem with parts being that the toes were very loose & would come off if you do so much as tilt the model.

I put epoxy glue to tighten the connection part, but I forgot all about its existence and put it on far too early, and ended up with the toes glued still. I initially thought it moved, but the moving was actually the connection piece twisting & breaking so I had to glue it back on with superglue.

This model is fully articulated, so every part you see moving in the game is available on the model. The spiked toes can even extend & retract. The missile lids on the backpack & the knees open up, revealing some detail inside.

Even though the parts separation is very high, I’d gladly fork out 40-50 more dollars for this to have a full inner frame. The only inner frames present are in the legs & the head, which in turn is pretty nicely detailed. The head frame is visible if you look from below.

The least detailed part has got to be the main body which is a little hollow. That isn’t an issue though since it’s barely looked upon anyway. The railgun & the radome had more parts than I expected, which is great.

For the colour separation, can’t say it’s excellent but it was satisfactory to say the least. There were only 3 colours: grey, dark grey & light grey. With 600 parts you’d expect some colour separation in those three, but no, they’re all the same colours. Which is a real, real shame, especially on the legs where we have quite a lot of separate armour parts, but with no colour difference! Can’t see why the hell not.

The kit comes with 4 figures: Liquid Snake as the pilot, Solid Snake, Gray Fox and another, much deader Gray Fox. You’ll have to paint these tiny figures individually, but they already came in a nice skin tone so if you’re only going to paint the pilot you won’t need to paint too much at all.

Onto personal experiences now. I planned to weather the model a bit with some paint chipping effects. I did it on the head, and was pretty satisfied until I wasn’t, and decided to strip everything back to bare plastic.

I also wanted to put on a dark grey wash onto everything. I started out with the side skirts because I thought if anything went wrong that part would be the least damaging. As I applied the paint, I found out that out of all Vallejo product, their model washes suck. They would stain and smear everywhere, and would not come off if my life depended on it. I’ve already put on topcoat on the model so I had to strip the whole section out using alcohol.

Loved this kit. Building it was very fun, probably because I’ve been kit-starved for 10 months before this. A very solid 9/10.


Bacteria is a microorganism that lives on every habitable surface on earth. They are single-celled organisms. Bacteria can be both heterotrophic and autotrophic, so they either rely on external supplements to obtain carbon or process it themselves. Continue reading

Islam (2)

cont’d from previous serie

Allah is god. The name “Allah” is actually Arabic for “God”, so it’s used not only by Muslims, but Arabic Christians & Jewish people as well.

He is the creator of everything. The universe, the galaxies, the planets and everything that exists in it. Including the various laws of science and physics, down to the tiniest particles of an atom.

Only an all-powerful being can create that, so we need to thank him for creating us and everything around us. We also need to pray to him if we want to go to heaven so Continue reading