Fishing For Squid! — EcoEthno Day #03

I woke up, got out of the couch and took a shower (it was nice because there was good ventilation and hot water so it’s a mix of hot and cold. We ate breakfast (fried rice again) and we rode a pickup truck (I stood on the back and it was very windy, my glasses flew off). My group switched trucks and we went to a place where we learned how to make Continue reading


Belitung Road Trips — EcoEthno Day #02

I woke up to find toothpaste (?!?!) on my cheek. Turns out one of the boys from the other room put it. I saw the clock and it read 4 AM. Everybody else was awake and taking turns to take a shower. We were the first rooms to wake up, and we were the first ones to take a shower, even before the girls did (1 point to the boys) because it was so early. There was warm water so taking a bath is a good thing, as opposed to the one we had in Karimun Jawa where we had to use a water bucket and freezing water. Continue reading

Going to Belitung By Myself — EcoEthno Day #01

July’s EcoEthno trip was to Belitung, and we had to go there by plane since taking a ferry would be much too long. Everybody on the trip had the same plane, but since I signed up too late my mum ordered a different plane because the other plane was apparently too full.

So my dad took me to the airport and guided me with the check-in. The wait for the plane wasn’t too long, or maybe that’s just because I played my phone the whole time.

After an hour or so, I arrived in Hanandjoeddin International Airport and waited for the rest of the Continue reading

Goodbye IPB, Goodbye Dogs | IPB Field Trip #2

Back again with another XL entry for the IPB camping trip. This is the second day of the trip last week, and there WILL be dogs again. I just love making long writings. ONWARD


Last night didn’t go so well. There were mosquitos in the room stinking with mosquito repellent, and one of the kakak blasted anime music (that seems so ultra familiar but I can’t put my finger on what it IS) and I kept wanting to go to the toilet but since it’s the middle of the night and everybody’s sleeping I couldn’t. I kept waking up at random times Continue reading

Camping With The Dogs | IPB Field Trip #1

Last week, Klub Oase Penggalang went on a trip. We went to Kampus IPB (IPB stands for Institut Pertanian Bogor or Farming Institute of Bogor) with Sekala Petualang and learned many things. This is Day One. ONWARD!!

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-27 at 11.28.33

Choki the dog. To find out more keep reading

It’s still dark out, I got woken up by my dad when the adzan started. I got up reeeaaal slow and I went to the mosque. Halfway there, the iqomah sounded, meaning that it was about to start, and the slow walk broke into a sprint. When I arrived I was finally wide awake but I had to catch my breath.

After I went home, I had breakfast and waited until it was time to go. I shoved my big backpack (quite big, but not a carrier) into the car baggage and sat at the front passenger seat. We picked up Kak Sari and Syifa in the gas station because Syifa was going to go to camping (camping?? Not sure if right term for it but I will say it like this for the rest of the writing).

We arrived pretty late, and the others were waiting for us on the train station. There was Fattah, Sovi and the trio guys Ariq, Fakhri and Vito. Now we had to only wait for one person left; Ibrahim. It was his first time riding a train Continue reading

Building The RG Unicorn

Last Wednesday, my mum just went home from Japan and she brought home a few stuff from there. She bought my sister a bunch of Japanese candy-making kits and she bought me 2 Gundam models. It was an RG Unicorn Gundam and an old 1/100 RX-93 Nu Gundam kit.

She gave my cousin a tiny golden Japanese building. I was sleeping over in my cousin’s house when my mum came back from Japan, so after that I demanded going back home to build my Gundam.

When I arrived home I instantly opened the box and started Continue reading