Dummy (Faux) Island Output

This is my faux output for an example on how my island book is going to be inside.

READ: It will NOT look exactly like this, because 2 things Continue reading


My Favourite Documentary [TASK]

My favourite documentary is Destination Wild from National Geographic Wild. It’s a documentary series that shows the wild parts of a country like “Wild Indonesia” or “Wild Alaska” for example. It shows all the wildlife and ecosystem like plants and animals in detail. It showcases many, many countries in the shows. My favourite is still Wild Australia because Australia contains lots of weird and deadly creatures like the thorny devil lizard or the snakes.

Each documentary picture quality is also the best, but there are times when they have to zoom in from very far away to get footage of animals such as the cougar on a rocky mountain, for example. Conclusion is; it’s my favourite documentary because it’s very informative and useful, and it’s one of the best documentary shows you can find out there.

Destination Wild usually airs on Friday or Tuesday on Nat Geo WILD. They also post clips on their YouTube here: Nat Geo WILD YouTube Channel

OFest Journal pt. 2

Part 1 is here: OFest Journal pt.1

After lots of practice, Saturday is here, and that means OFest is here as well. We were all excited and scared. We practiced on the last night before OFest, and I thought it was enough. We set up the seats, the tables for Mini Eksplorasi and board games corner. We waited until 9 AM when it starts.

People started coming one family at a time. After there were enough, we started Continue reading

Oase Eksplorasi 2017!! Mindmap

So Oase Eksplorasi is going to be a thing again now! On an island too, and we could snorkel, which is what I’m looking VERY forward to. Now, unlike before, this one allows more freedom in choosing what to do. We can choose our OWN goals on what to do. For example, my bud Atala here is planning to make a stop-motion animation of a figure doing island activities on-site: https://adaatalav2.blogspot.co.id/2017/09/oasekplorasi-2017-tugas-mendetail-outpur.html

I chose my main interest, which is drawing. So the idea that I Continue reading

OFest Journal pt. 1

Last year, we went to Lembang for Oase Eksplorasi 2016, a homechooling trip. I have two blog posts about the trip, you can see them here: Eksplorasi 2016 pt. 1

About a few months ago, Oase set up an online poll using Google Forms on where should we go for the next Oase Eksplorasi. The choices were the mountain or an island. Since we all had camping trips made by Oase on mountains (and the fact it always rains whenever we camp) most of us chose the island.

We also need money for the trip, and a lot, too. In the online poll, we also suggested what we should do to earn money. I wrote in “fundraising” and I think I think I’m the only one to write that in, because one of my friends that also worked on this wrote that as one of the weird ideas.

So in the next Oase meeting, we decided we were going to do fundraising in the form of an event. So by the looks of it my idea got counted in as well. But the next question was “what event?” So we had another poll where we had to write on a piece of paper the choices and put it in a box. We voted for a few combinations, and the most voted one was a mix of seminar, performance and workshop. Continue reading

First Look At Tombow Hard-Tip Brush Pen

I borrowed my mum’s Tombow Brush Hard-Tip and used it for test drawing. I’m probably (or probably not) going to make a full review later when it arrives so here’s a first look at it.

Before I tried to use the Tombow, I used my Sakura Pigma Brush pen (which I now use for blacking out areas that are blocked from light) and because it had a felt brush tip, the end spreads out easily. I couldn’t use it for line art anymore because of that. There is an alternative but as I said in my previous review (reviews?) I said that my Koi brush pen got absorbed in the paper nowhere to be seen except for a light gray wet mark where it was drawn on. Continue reading