Mine-imator Review

For today, I am going to do a review of Mine-imator.

Mine-imator is a Minecraft animating program that is very easy to use, though you can step up to more advanced things later. Mine imator is very simple. You have an animation bar and you can click on a frame and move anything in the project and it will animate. You can also pose creatures, players and rigs (I’ll tell you more about rigs later) to make a scene for a render.

Example of a render:


You can create shapes and attach them to a base object (called a “parent object”) to make cool features like fingers, details, and weapons. You can also import chunks from worlds to the program, which is very cool. You can also download rigs from the internet. Rigs are wonderful stuff you can get for any 3D program, including Mine-imator. Accepted files for Mine-imator are .mani, .object, .mproj and many, many more.

Here is the following tutorial on how to download rigs:


  1. Search for any Mine-imator rig out there.



2. There will be a download link where the page of the rig is.



3. It will send you to a file downloading site. Do NOT click on ads! Click on the download instead.


MineImatorReview15. After you’ve downloaded it and put it somewhere, open Mine-imator and click the “+” button up there.



5. Choose the rig you just downloaded, like so.



6. There you go! You’re all done. Your rig is now imported to your Mine-imator program.


Mine-imator is an open-source program, and is completely free (and the fact that I accidentally donated to it to get full version makes me facepalm everytime) and is useful for many things. Most people use it for animation but I like to use it for renders and stuff. It also has a Depth of Field function to the camera so you can blur out the background if you want.

I recommend Mine-imator to anyone who loves Minecraft and is interested in 3D animating. Mine-imator could be a beginner’s program but some features are more advanced and hard. That’s it for today, see ya next time!

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