OFest Journal pt. 1

Last year, we went to Lembang for Oase Eksplorasi 2016, a homechooling trip. I have two blog posts about the trip, you can see them here: Eksplorasi 2016 pt. 1

About a few months ago, Oase set up an online poll using Google Forms on where should we go for the next Oase Eksplorasi. The choices were the mountain or an island. Since we all had camping trips made by Oase on mountains (and the fact it always rains whenever we camp) most of us chose the island.

We also need money for the trip, and a lot, too. In the online poll, we also suggested what we should do to earn money. I wrote in “fundraising” and I think I think I’m the only one to write that in, because one of my friends that also worked on this wrote that as one of the weird ideas.

So in the next Oase meeting, we decided we were going to do fundraising in the form of an event. So by the looks of it my idea got counted in as well. But the next question was “what event?” So we had another poll where we had to write on a piece of paper the choices and put it in a box. We voted for a few combinations, and the most voted one was a mix of seminar, performance and workshop.


An OFest meeting, me in an unusual ‘normal’ sitting position.

We were split into 3 groups; event team, logistics team and promotions team. I was on promotions team along with a few others. A while later I got moved to Prizes team with Fattah and some people because our houses were far away, and because of that we missed a few meetings. We were supposed to collect the prizes for Mini Eksplorasi. The idea for Mini Eksplorasi is that the people who sign up will have to do the challenges like we did when preparing for Eksplorasi like trading paperclips with a stranger, for example. You have to trade a paperclip for a random item, and you have to trade that item for another item and so on, for at least three times.


The mentors for OFest

Fattah and the others put up their prize pretty quickly, but it took a REALLY long time for me to turn in the prize because while most of the others had their own things to sell, I got nothing. I got the idea about using my sister’s baking for the prize, but that needs a LOT of time to bake something that many. My mum gave a suggestion to ask one of our relatives for the prizes like what Dhifie did. I had no idea who to ask, so my mum told me I could ask my uncle for his backpacks he sells.

Also around this time, the name of the event was also decided to be OFest.

It took about a week until I asked him, and after a while we got three backpacks, with a bonus polkadot bag.

I got tasked to collect data for Mini Eksplorasi from social media, which I was happy with. I linked to each Instagram post on a few specific hashtags and sent them to Yudhis (the big one who is the host for the event, the event organizer and is also assigned to Mini Eksplorasi) by Whatsapp, resulting in a link flood (spam?)

I was fine with the role I was in, and I can relax for a bit. Then, we were told we had to prepare a PRESENTATION for performing on-stage. After  I panicked for a bit, I started making my slide show. I practiced it at home for Wednesday where we practiced our lines. I tried, but it came out REALLY bad and too long. It was as cringy as it can get.

On one Sunday, a few of my friends went to Kaysan’s house to paint the boards that are for the backgrounds on the stage of Oase, but I had to get a medical check-up on my foot that hurt (and ended up doing a CT scan) so I didn’t do that.

On the next Wednesday, we set up the background in Museum. It looked really good, especially with the lights. We practiced our first 3 slides of presentation (the introduction) and it went well. Oase Junior also did their sea-themed musical for Saturday.

Overall, it went well, but the one on Friday was different. We had to practice our WHOLE script and my legs were shaking during the whole presentation thanks to stage fright. Vyel, Yla and Ziel also practiced their wushu performance. I was cool with everything except for my presentation, which sucked.

I practiced more at home with my parents, and I thought I would be prepared for the next day, when OFest will be held. I became the backdrop rotator along with others according to our Friday warm-up.

So far so good, it seems. We prepared for everything, and it looks like it’s going to be great 😀


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