OFest Journal pt. 2

Part 1 is here: OFest Journal pt.1

After lots of practice, Saturday is here, and that means OFest is here as well. We were all excited and scared. We practiced on the last night before OFest, and I thought it was enough. We set up the seats, the tables for Mini Eksplorasi and board games corner. We waited until 9 AM when it starts.

People started coming one family at a time. After there were enough, we started by having the two hosts on-stage explaining what OFest is and what can you do in it. Us presenters waited in lines on the edge of the seating areas until we’re called.

All of the presenters from the bigger team (kunyit or turmeric) seemed pretty calm, but you can clearly see that some of our team (jahe or ginger) are nervous, especially Aza. He kinda stressed and was laying down on the seats. When we got called out on stage, we were really nervous. We told our stories one by one.

Then it came down to my turn. I was shaking really badly, so I walked backwards and forwards to help hiding that. The presentation came out a lot smoother than I expected though. After we were done doing presentation, we sang the Oase homeschooling song about learning everywhere.

There was also another song made by Adam, who no longer participates in Oase because he had to go to an Islamic boarding school. When we went down to the stage, some of us had leg cramps because we sat for too long. My foot felt like it had fallen off and came back.

After the Oase Junior sea-themed musical (and a whole lot of background board moving) three of us (Me, Husayn and Yla) were tasked to guard the Mini Eksplorasi table for signups. Guess what we did. We slacked off and went somewhere else like the board game corner or played downstairs. As for me, I went and fell asleep on one of the chairs while the ‘talkshow’ with parents.

After I woke (WOKE)  up, I did sholat (after that I also went and pet a kitten downstairs on the park) and completely missed the wushu show. We also had lunch on the break time after all that. There were also the workshops, like photography and comic strip making. None of the organizers are allowed to participate in the workshop activities because we were doing our own stuff.

At the end of the day, it was finished, we finally held the event and it went really well. After it ended, we took a group photo and said goodbye to everyone and went home.

See you on the next posts.









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