My Favourite Documentary [TASK]

My favourite documentary is Destination Wild from National Geographic Wild. It’s a documentary series that shows the wild parts of a country like “Wild Indonesia” or “Wild Alaska” for example. It shows all the wildlife and ecosystem like plants and animals in detail. It showcases many, many countries in the shows. My favourite is still Wild Australia because Australia contains lots of weird and deadly creatures like the thorny devil lizard or the snakes.

Each documentary picture quality is also the best, but there are times when they have to zoom in from very far away to get footage of animals such as the cougar on a rocky mountain, for example. Conclusion is; it’s my favourite documentary because it’s very informative and useful, and it’s one of the best documentary shows you can find out there.

Destination Wild usually airs on Friday or Tuesday on Nat Geo WILD. They also post clips on their YouTube here: Nat Geo WILD YouTube Channel


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