Dummy (Faux) Island Output

This is my faux output for an example on how my island book is going to be inside.

READ: It will NOT look exactly like this, because 2 things. ONE; I used my dry Copic markers, and they ran out of color after this (I’m going to use watercolor for my actual output, don’t have them yet), and TWO; because I’m going to make the description digitally.

I made a sketch of my 3D art course building, ESDA. It stands for Enspire School of Digital Art. I drew the main lobby, and I asked my teacher a few things about the place and from when did she work here. The place used to have its computer room on the lobby, where the nice seat over there is. The walls got deconstructed and everything was moved upstairs where it’s bigger and had more room for more computers.



2 thoughts on “Dummy (Faux) Island Output

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