Output Plan for OASEksplorasi 2017

Explorasi has been done (WE DID IT) and here is the revised output plan. The end result would be a travel sketchbook. It’s mostly going to be a travel diary but you can take some notes on it to guide a little bit of your travels. It’s basically an illustration book filled with info.

The chapter list is based on my schedule over there. Again, this is a travel diary, but you can get some info from it. I mostly do the sketching on the island while doing interviews, but if there’s anything missing I will draw from photos for emergency.

Title: Illustration Book of OASE Eksplorasi 2017 & Pulau Harapan travel guide


I. Introduction

*welcome note*

Basic info about OASEksplorasi 2017 & Pulau Harapan

II. Map of Pulau Harapan

And all the islands around it + info
– Location
– Province, etc.

III. Sunda Kelapa Harbour

– Where is it located
– Ways to get there


  1. Harbour
  2. Public Transportation

IV. Boat

Interview: The man at the ticket booth

+ Info about Sabuk Nusantara ship
– Boat capacity
– Departure and arrival time
– How long has it been operating, price, time of departure/arrival


  1. Sabuk Nusantara exterior
  2. Ticket box -> info about price & how to buy
  3. Seats
  4. Beds
  5. Deck

V. Travel Friends

+ Info about who they are & what is their output


  1. Group pic + names
  2. Mentors + names + jobs(?)

VI. Pulau Harapan


  1. Harbour
  2. Welcome Gate
    + Info about Pulau Harapan
    — How many citizens
    — Interesting places to visit
    — Interesting activity & facts (i.e; trash)

VII. Homestay

Interview: Pak Askar’s wife


  1. My homestay (Homestay 16)
    + Info about it & others
  2. Bedroom
  3. Homestay Layout
  4. Street View

VIII. Food Shop & Street Food

Interview: Bakso seller

  1. Bakso Shop
    + Info
  2. Street food
    – Wagons
    – Cilung
    – Cimol
    – Batagor
    – Lekker
    – Drinks
  3. Zero waste tips from mentor

IX. Tourist Attraction


  1. Woodwind Island
    Info: Pak Syafei
    Info about the island
  2. Silver Island
    Info about the island & how to get there
  3. Wooden Boat
  4. Turtle Conservation Place
    Interview: Pak Gogo
    + Info & the two places (Hope Island and Coconut Island)
    – Welcome gate
    – Types of turtles
    – Info about the turtles
    – Other animals there
  5. Snorkeling
    – Snorkeling activity
    – Snorkeling gear
  6. Underwater view + animals
    + Info & sketch
  7. Mangrove forest
    Interview: Pak Askar
    + Info & sketch

X. Backpack & Equipment


  1. Backpack
  2. Inside stuff
  3. Packing tips

XI. Closing


  1. Pulau Harapan from the distance

Goodbye, Pulau Harapan


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