Fun in Kemping Ceria

Kemping Ceria is a camping trip I did a few days back. As its name says, it’s happy camping. It’s very fun, and I handled a venomous snake for the first time, but more on that later.

On the first day, my dad picked up 2 of my friends and drove to Jakarta where we got dropped off and rode a GrabCar to another part of Jakarta. We got on ANOTHER car ride, this time on an army truck (my guess is that it’s used to transport army personnel). The ride took about 2-3 hours (I can’t remember) but we arrived! It was a small town on the mountains with a few houses and a small school. We went uphill to the campsite for a bit, and when we arrived, we set up our tents.

We played benteng shortly after, and some kids from other scouting groups went in and watched, then left again. After that we played some games again, but this time it’s made by the event organizer. When we were done we went to the villa and saw some snakes and touched them. There was the vine snake and two other snakes I forgot the English word for.

I saw the vine snake and I thought “That’s a venomous snake, I saw one in my books.” I was kinda scared but everybody touched it, so I just rolled with it and touched it as well. Me and one of my friends (he’s new to Penggalang/Rover scouts) Syauqi got to handle it but I think he squeezed it. Apparently me and him was the only one of my friends who knew it was a bit venomous because once the snake handler told us it was low-end venomous nobody dared to touch it anymore except us.

Green Vine Snake

This is from Wikipedia

Then came a BIG (actually SMALL, like 50 cm long but thick) snake that peed on the mat it was placed on because it was freaked out by the amount of people surrounding it. Other than that it was pretty tame. There was a non-venomous snake but it’s fast and it does what seems like to (strangely) slowly try to bite people who touch it.

The next day we went to the garden, learned how compost fertilizer is made and picked our own vegetables. We had a chance to cook it, and we cooked two things, vegetable soup and fried Chinese cabbage. Soup was made by me and the other was made by Ariq. The main ingredients are Chinese cabbage, water and… Monosodium glutamate, known as  M I C I N  in the current Indonesian everyday vocabulary.

Ariq’s fried vegetables are really good and it got finished off by everybody in camp before we even got to present it downhill to the villa. Syauqi (he’s the weird one in the camping trip, like srsly) got too addicted to  M I C I N  that he put some in his waterbottle and drank it. Like OK that stuff is good but in big amounts like that it’s revolting and it can make your brain dull in the long run.

I learnt lots of new things in the gardening trip, but I was *this* close to touching a hairy caterpillar when I picked the vegetables so I was shook.

Overall the trip was VERY fun, although it left me with a fever, coughing and sore all over, but probably that was my fault because me and my team ran while going back down the steep mountain trekking path.

That’s it for this journal task, goodbye

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